Top 3 Sites that Allows You to Create Shortened URL Bundles for Free

Short is sweet. In a world where people are looking for simple technologies remembering long website links can be too complicated and hard to remember. Most website owners believe that long website names and links can bring down their business and therefore they need tools that can offer them shortened URL bundles. Of course, there are many websites to create shortened URL bundles but not all of them will work and give you results the way you want it. This is why you need to sort out the best websites to create shortened URL bundles that can bring more traffic to your site links.

Here we take a quick look at the top 3 sites that offer you such options without too many complications.

1.    Bridge URL

If you are looking for something that is available for free then you can look out for Bridge URL which is fairly easy to use and it can allow you to combine all of your links together and send it to your contacts. This means that you can send series of links to your friends, family members, potential customers and client in just one single link and when they click on that link they will see the bunch of links that you have sent page by page. The overall interface is pretty simple and works efficiently so that you don’t waste your time.


While Bridge URL has very simple interface, has a better one to make things better. The website allows you to add all the links that you have one after another. In Bridge URL you have the option to copy paste all the links at one time like Notepad program but in you have to add them one after another. The new box will keep popping up when you add one URL to the page. The moment you hit on Go button below you get one single URL that will combine all the links that you pasted into the site.

3.    Krunchd

Although, Krunchd is as easy as the rest two above but the interface is not as simple as it seems. This one is a popular URL bundler on the web but it supports custom URL naming up to 18 characters. However, it allows you to define what the bundle is all about so that your recipients know what type of content they will find in the bundle. There are optional field boxes like email, title, description and tags that make this program interesting.


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