UK Focuses on 5G Development Project

The 4G technology has just made an entry into the world of technology and telecommunications but some companies are trying to take a leap ahead into the time and look out for better telecommunications technology that can break the limits and allow people and consumers around the world to spread messages in quick time. Now, government in the UK have decided to team up with top telecommunications companies to research on the 5G technology that can make communication better, faster and simpler. The fifth generation of mobile technology is going to happen in the research center that is now opened at the University of Surrey.

The new 5G Innovation Center is something that will bring out some of the latest advancements in the world of telecommunications. To make this happen top companies like Samsung, Telefonica and Huawei have decided to join hands as they will be working on various aspects of how they want mobile communications to happen in the future. The UK government is already spending 35 million GBP into the project that will help the companies to explore on various aspects of mobile technology that will dominate in the future. UK government said that there was a time when UK was the foreground for 2G and 3G technologies but the country has not focused well enough on it in recent times. Now, UK is trying to get back into action and bring out better technologies that can allow consumers all over the world to enjoy better communication experience in the future.


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