8 Ways To Encourage Customers To Buy From You Again

If you are a retailer, your goal is not just to attract new customers.The complexity of the war is real. You need to make sure that your customers update their sales whenever possible.

How to get customers to buy from you again after the first purchase? See how effective it is 8.

1. Offer the Same or Additional Products

Offer the Same or Additional Products

Many online retailers use cross-selling.

This means that you are offering the same or supportive product on your website or to customers that you are listening to or adding to your cart.

This method increases the value of the shopping cart, but it can also be used to facilitate redemption.
You can also send an email. emails to your customers that offer the same product as the product you just purchased. This method is based on a simple and intuitive rule: by offering your customers a product that may interest them because it relates to their previous purchase, you increase your chances of buying again.

2. Inform Your Customers About Your News and Services

Are you selling a new kind of product? Are you offering new services? Do you organize business events (sales, etc.)?

In all these cases, you need to inform your customers, for example by distributing newsletters.

This will allow you to be memorable and retain (or attract) customers ’interest in your brand.

3. Get Special Offers

Get Special Offers

Newspapers are a form of business, although e-mail programs (such as men’s / women’s magazines) provide organized information.

However, the Digital Cup for Digital Marketing is based on a unique approach in which we offer customers personalized content and services based on their personal information, purchases or preferences.

According to the survey, 78% of customers expect unique prices and services.

Each screen is likely to attract your customers and guide your shopping behavior.

These bonuses can be distributed via email. emails, text messages, mobile devices (if any), or websites (such as popups).

Tips to increase the conversion rate of your campaign: Offer delivery benefits (such as free shipping), add advertising codes, or prepare for a crisis (limited cost).

4. Offer Attractive Services

Offer Attractive Services

It is not enough to provide a nice directory on your site to attract and encourage customers to come back to you.

Useful services must be provided.

For example, the Boulanger website offers a convenient delivery service, allows you to return the purchased product within 15 days, allows customers to pick up the goods in the store (click and take), offers special discounts.

5. Mixed communication

Companies often focus on email in their communication and marketing. This is a shame because email is far from the only way available to you.
This system makes it easy to contact customers and encourage them to buy back from you.

6. Send a Satisfactory Survey

This is probably the most important approach or strategy: to increase sales again, you need to focus on customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is the first step to loyalty and therefore freedom.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, you can measure customer satisfaction by making sure your services meet your needs and identify areas for your customers.

Invitations to answer questions can be sent by email, SMS, cell phone, pop-up, or QR code. Skipper allows you to manage and integrate these different sharing methods.

7. Create a Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is an attractive way to persuade your customers to buy back from you.

There is an old but effective way to promote loyalty: honesty. Each purchase collects points that offer the customer benefits and discounts.

You can also offer benefits to customers who join your program.

Most programs provide features that make it easy to configure and manage your software.

8. Build Quality Customer Relationships

In e-commerce, sales perception is a very important issue.
Good customer relationships strengthen brand-customer relationships, build trust, and increase customer interest in services.

Bad customers, on the other hand, will eventually leave you.


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