Yahoo and Samsung Go for Interactive TV Deal

Yahoo and Samsung have made an announcement that they have formed a multi-year partnership that will allow them to integrate Yahoo’s Broadcast Interactivity platform along with Samsung 2012 SmartTV. The company believes that together they will be able to offer better options to the consumers when they are using Samsung SmartTV. The companies also made announcement that the Broadcast Interactivity that is provided with Automatic Content Recognition Technology and SoundPrint. The company also said that this will offer better opportunities for intelligent content discovery, engagement and advertisement in the living room.


Both the companies said that with the help of the agreement Samsung SmartTV consumers will get better content and on-screen prompts that will allow them to improve their TV experience. With the help of Samsung SmartTV consumers can quickly view lot of content related to their favorite TV shows and commercials that they watching. This will make the entire experience better because now consumers have the power of information right on the TV screen. Ron Jacoby Vice President of Connected TV at Yahoo said that engaging content technology is something that has never been seen before and Samsung SmartTV users will now experience it for the first time with their extended partnership with Samsung.



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