How Apps Are Changing the Way You Recharge?

The online world has made life exponentially easier and filled with some of the great benefits! Even about a decade back when it came to mobile recharges or recharging for your DTH bills and the like a customer had to take all the effort to walk-up to a retail store or the DTH service provider and activate a recharge pack or deal that was on offer keeping in mind his/her specific account needs or details. Today, the scene has changed significantly. It’s the time of online recharges where there are apps galore to facilitate this process. So today any random online shopper or a customer of a specific mobile network service provider can browse online and select from the wide range of amazing mobile recharge offers that are put out for the customers to select and activate the deals. Since each of these deals is made available for a limited span of time, it needs to be used smartly and within the allocated time!


In the recent times, there are several apps that have come into use that have brought about a significant change in the way people used to conduct their recharges online. Some of the popular apps are:

•    Earn Talktime: Every customer wishes for some extra talk time to connect to his/her loved and dear ones. So this is what Earn Talktime does. It makes it a cake walk to earn money simply by downloading the leading free android apps as well as by filling a very short survey using your mobile device to fetch you extra talk time. In addition to that, you also have other benefits such as DTH top-ups, unlimited prepaid mobile charfes as well payment for post-paid bills and the like. So today you have one app that comes with a cluster of benefits that are simply worth exploring.

•    FreeCharge: A popular name today, FreeCharge has become one of the best and leading online recharge app for Prepaid mobile recharges and has gained immense popularity amidst the youth and college students, since they prefer a prepaid account that would suffice their pocket money. This also allows users to get their datacard recharges done within as fast as 10 seconds. Hence, its secure, fast and complete reliable.

•    Mobikwik: We’ve all heard about it! So this brand today has become the leading app for free mobile recharge and also comes with some of the best deals pertaining to the same. Online customers today are able to download the MobiKwik app for both bill payments and mobile recharges and then use it very few simple steps and then have access to get free mobile recharges, discounts on paying their postpaid mobile bills online and even making use of the Mobikwik money.

These are some of the apps that have made mobile recharging easy and fun as they come with a world of benefits, other than a superior service such as attractive deals and discount codes online that can be activated within a certain timeline to get maximum benefits.

The Change

But what really is interesting to note here is the way these apps have changed the way mobile recharging has transformed. The customers today have sought dependence and increased faith on apps over mobile network connection vendors. This change speaks of an updated lifestyle where a customer is all set to make the most of the updated technology that is coming to the fore making daily life easier than before. The deals and discounts associated with online mobile recharging is playing a key role in encouraging people to become more cyber savvy and opt in for online mobile recharging.

On hindsight what this has also done, is that it is gradually making online customers or individuals per say that love to shop and browse online deals more independent and say yes to an authentic shopping or online mobile recharging experience. With a mobile recharge vendor the customer had to depend on the vendor to activate the code and get the process done. Today, the customer himself or herself is equipped to browse for mobile recharge deals, read through the same and have it activated all by himself within the timeline that he/she needs to. Hence, we have stepped into the era of independent online shoppers.


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