Can A Phone Improve The Home?

For what seems like an eternity, the technological centerpiece of a household has been the phone. Yes – of course, there was the radio, the TV and then the computer – but the landline phone came first, and it was placed in the center of the household. From your mother spending hours nattering away the neighborhood gossip, to sneaky teenagers answering the phone before it rang in the middle of the night. The landline was a cultural icon – and if a home lacked a TV or a radio, for whatever reason, there was still a landline to be used and abused!

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Now, with all the advancements and Developments in Technology over the years, the landline has suffered – but it didn’t stay still. It took a while, but it evolved. The PDA’s came and went, the cell phones came and went – what stayed? It was the smartphone. The landline slowly died out. People, of course, still operate and use landlines and for the most part, a phone line rental is still a key part of accessing the internet. Now, the Smartphones will be the main focus of today – the evolution of the phone has been so very powerful.

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Now, can a phone improve a home? The easiest answer will always be yes. Even a basic phone with communication abilities improves a home as it allows you to connect with the outside world. This allows you to access the outside world, so even a landline has its benefits. Talking with the outside world opens up a number of opportunities in the home. For one, you can talk – but what about ordering food, hiring workers for issues in the home. A phone lets you do things.

But even then – the smartphone can do amazing things in the home. If you’ve ever wanted the home of the future, it’s possible. It’s easier with a bit of cash and a talent for DIY or home renovations, but you can certainly work wonders in the home with a smartphone. Of course, you’ll still need to splash out a little bit to get the most out of the smartphone revolution. What things do you need? Well you need a decent Smartphone. Anything iPhone, Google Pixel, Sony or Samsung is good. Ideally, we want Android as it can be customized without compromise. Then we need items. Basic automation can be found through Bluetooth Speakers, so we can use our phones as a remote control for music, podcasts and radio in the home.

If you want to get a bit more creative, you can combine NFC stickers with a mobile phone to make your home a smart phone. NFC tags are customizable and have endless use. You could have a tag in the kitchen that allows you to bring up a recipe when the smartphone is in contact with it. Apps like IFTTT allow you to be really creative and add tons of automation to the home – automatic garage doors, alarms and checklists.

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So if you’re looking to modernize your home, why not look into your pocket?


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