Mercedes E Class: A Revolution In Driving

New Mercedes Benz E Class:

Boasting about the tech in your car used to mean cup holders, hidden compartments in the armrest, and maybe a CD changer. These days, things are a lot more advanced. There are so many new technologies that can hugely improve the driving experience, or maybe just make your friends jealous. As well as all of the phone chargers and Bluetooth hands-free systems, there are loads of new developments that actually do the lion’s share of the driving for you. If you’ve got the cash, you could even get yourself a self-driving car. But that’s not right for some people, some of us still love to do the driving ourselves. That doesn’t mean we can’t also enjoy all of the gadgets while we’re on the road. The new Mercedes-Benz E Class boasts some of the best cutting edge technology in the motoring world at the minute.

Image by : Wikimedia

Autonomous Driving:

Although it isn’t a self-driving car, it can take the reigns for a while if you need a bit of a break. Mercedes debuted their autonomous driving technology with the S class, but the technology has been given a big update for the E class. When you’re using it, you need to remember that this isn’t a self-driving car. Mercedes official line is that it’s a very advanced assisted steering system. You still need to have your hands on the wheel at all times because, although it can do some of the steering on its own, it isn’t guaranteed to be safe. If you end up crashing because you haven’t been paying attention, you’ll need the services of somewhere like malones mercedes repair shop, and your insurance isn’t likely to cover it. The sensors scan the road very effectively so the car can steer itself very well, but don’t take it for granted.

Automated Parking:

Automated parking isn’t anything to write home about anymore, most new cars have it. While it used to be impressive, these days it’s just standard. However, the new E Class has added a feature that is pretty exciting. You can get out of the car and direct it where to park using an app on your phone, so you can get out and go wherever you need to go while the car parks itself. There’s no need to wait around for it to park before you get out.

Car Keys:

Automatic key fobs aren’t big news anymore either, but again, Mercedes are really pushing things forward in this area. They’ve decided to make use of the smartphone again to replace the old fashioned key fob. By syncing your smartphone to the car, you can unlock the doors by holding it near the lock and then once you’re inside, just place the phone onto the wireless charging pad and the ignition will start automatically.

Car To Car Communication:

Cars that talk to one another is the future of the automotive industry for sure. Once driverless cars are widespread, they’ll need to be able to communicate with each other so they don’t crash. Mercedes have already started developing the technology and you can see it in the new E Class. Drivers now have the ability to mark any roadblocks or accidents on their map. As soon as they do this, the information will be uploaded to a database and then sent back out to all of the other Mercedes in the country. While the number of people that can access this is limited at the moment, it is likely to become widespread in future.


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