Technology vs Human Resource

In a report by the University of Oxford, The Future of Employment, in September 2013, academics investigated a sample of 700 professions to establish the likelihood that advanced technologies could take over the need for humans in different professions.


The report revealed the top 20 roles that are the most likely to be taken over by robots. The most probable candidates?

•         Telemarketers took first place.
•         Watch repairers were the 6th most likely.
•         Referees and umpires took 18th position.

Whilst some human roles are seemingly easy to replace by technologies, it seems that visual communicators are at the opposite end of the scale. Art directors rank at 95th and graphic designers 161st least likely to be automated by Artificial Intelligence.

But what makes design and creativity so hard to replicate?

In an interview series of The Masters of Design-Inspiring Tech Specialists Through Design by book printing services provider: Precision Printing, a selection of five design professionals offer unique insights into how their minds work, what inspires them, and how they fuel their creativity. The interviews aim to show how a human’s inventiveness and level of creativity might never be replicated to the same quality.


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