Top Techological Medical Advancements of 2016

 Medical Technology Innovations:

2016 saw an incredible array of technological developments in the medical world. Here is our rundown of our favourites, the creme de la creme of the best advancements in the world of medicine.

Oxygen Measuring Tools:

Image by : Commons.wikimedia

The measurement of oxygen has long presented complexities and in depth research in the medical world so the recent development in the measurement of oxygen could not have come a day too soon. The oxygen medical flow meter created by Abest Meter is essential in order to measure the oxygen flow rate in many different sectors, not just the medical world. So it has been making waves throughout many different industry sectors as the ideal solution for the measurement of oxygen flow.


RIBA, which stands for ‘Robot for Interactive Body Assistance’ was launched last year, as the first robot that can lift up or set down a real human from a bed or a wheelchair. There was a huge amount of demand for a product such as this as so many healthcare specialists suffer from injuries, particularly back related, after having to move or lift patients. This is so common in hospitals and often there isn’t anyone around that is strong enough to lift a patient if an accident occurs, or if they fall, so nurses and doctors can often injure themselves trying to help them in those sorts of situations.

Image by : Flickr

Therefore the RIBA is an incredible technological medical advancement that the medical industry is really excited about. The robot works with novel tactile guidance methods using high accuracy tactile sensors. It was designed by integrated RIKENs control, sensor and information processing and structural design technologies.

The Perfect Retina:

With an estimated number of 1 million blind people in the USA alone, there is certainly a need for medical developments in the sector of sight. Those statistics have lead to years of intensive and extensive research on an international scale and then last year Nano-Retina finally perfected their sophisticated and elegant solution intended to restore the sight of people who have lost their sight due to retinal degenerative disease.

The minuscule Nano Retina device, otherwise known as the NR600 implant, works to replace the workings of the damaged photoreceptor cells and it creates the electrical stimulation which is necessary to activate the remaining healthy retinal cells. This incredible new medical product consists of a miniature chip, which is implanted into the eye and a set of eyeglasses which need to be worn by the patient.

Prosthetic Advancements:

Image by : Commons.wikimedia

The importance of prosthetics has never been more crucial. With so many troops returning home, having lost limbs in the line of duty it has been a big focus for the medical world to create state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs that can assist people in returning back to normal life whilst improving their quality of life.

DARPA proudly presented its great strides in the world of prosthetic limbs and whilst there is still a little way to go yet to achieve perfection, they are not far off and already come such a long way in creating neurally controlled prosthetic limbs.


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