10 Things You Should Know About Electric Cars

Adjust the speed system and current speed in Electric cars. More than 10,000 drivers in Colombia have decided to buy electric or hybrid cars in the first 8 months of 2021; Showing the population the electricity demand in the country. However, these new skills have led to many stories about sauces in production, testing, and electrical applications.

That’s why, With Peugeot’s help, I made a list of questions car buyers ask in stores. This is an example from largest to smallest. Change the current speed and speed. More than 10,000 motorists in Colombia have decided to buy a car or electric car in the first 8 months of 2021; inform people about the need for electricity in the country. However, these new skills have led to many reports of sauces in electric car production, testing, and application.

So, with Peugeot’s help, I made a list of in-store car buyers’ questions. It’s just a good example for kids. There are a lot of adults who would love to travel on scooters so there is a guide on the best scooters for adults.

1. What Kind of Freedom Do They Have?

Depending on the model, electric motors can be upgraded and have a range of 50 to 300 km (although there are 500 or 600 km cars on the market). For example, most people who buy an electric car after more than 200 km (usually in the middle or early part of the year) can travel, and live in electric cars and cars. He explained that the trip should be longer due to heavy rainfall and you can rent a car day and night for day trips.

2. How Are They Recharged?

Recovery of autonomy-related costs. The first question is how long it usually takes to reload the model in question. To answer this question, it is necessary to understand the unique capabilities of plug-in hybrid electric batteries; And the different chargers they use to charge. With this in mind, it is easy to estimate how long it will take to charge a Peugeot E.-208 using a simple plug, home charger, or public charger. It’s over. It comes with a simple plug, up to 100%, if we have a 7.4 kW home charger, it will take 1:30 hours to fully charge a 50 kW public charger.

3. How Much Do They Consume and How Much Does It Cost to Recharge Them?

I’ve heard that electric cars use less fuel than petrol cars. Electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel. Most dealers looking for a plug-in hybrid car have calculated a daily energy saving (an average of 30 kilometers). There are taxes in different countries.

For example, prices vary depending on the size of an Electric vehicle battery in normal use. As 30 kW (from a larger battery), the local power requirement is 6,000 tanks for level 6 and $15,000 for level 4.

It is also important to understand that the use of electric vehicles depends on the type of road. (city or highway) and driving style This often means more tax, costs, and price.

4. How Long Does the Battery Last?

Many people believe that stones are life threatening. Not all machines are the same. It also differs in battery type, technology, and performance. System components such as refrigerators, freezers, cables, and electronics are used to ensure longevity, but studies show that the average battery life of an electric car is 10 years.

5. What Types of Electrified Vehicles Are There?

Many consumers do not fully understand the costs, features, advantages, and disadvantages of current technology. Their first step is to look at the big picture and understand the differences between light hybrids (PHEVs), hybrids (HEVs), rechargeable hybrids (PHEVs), and hybrids (EVs). So read on: What do the abbreviations BEV, HEV, PHEV, MHEV, and FCEV mean in electric vehicles? As you can see, there are different types of electric vehicles that are perfect for your needs.

6. Does It Drive Like a Normal Car?

Before trying it out, most workers think they should learn to drive an electric or hybrid car. Hon. or birth defects; as well as other functions in the combination of hybrid transmission, motor, and brake with electric mode.

7. How Much Does Maintenance Cost?

The next question that is often asked is: what needs to be researched and expensively tackled? Most people are surprised to find that electric cars are 30 percent more expensive than auto parts.

8. Are They Just as Safe in an Accident?

There is a lot of ignorance among the staff about this and this is reflected in my question to the staff. Can the battery explode? Most widespread. It is important to note that electric cars have higher consumption than gasoline manufacturers and that cars do not explode. The EuroNCAP test results also show that the results for hybrid safety and additives are a total of 4.

9. Can They Be Recharged in the Rain?

Charging electric vehicles is a safe way of working under all conditions, including rain. Mounting stations, electric cars, and mounting cables are designed to provide excellent protection and insulation even in the rain. In addition, these cables have high IP protection against dust and water and are sealed during use to prevent accidents and theft.

10. What Models Are Available?

In contrast, the Peugeot brand has 12 electrical packages with integrated circuits that meet specifications. Examples: 7 electric cars (e-Rifter) and 8-seater (e-Travelers), family cars like the 308 SW and 508 SW, SUVs like the e-2008 or 3008 hybrids, and even sports cars like the 508 Peugeot. Game engineers.

You too: Bogota and Cundinamarca offer tax rebates for hybrids and hybrids

Update the Car Battery for Repair

Do not charge more than 20% or 80% to extend battery life. Larger or more frequently used buildings, sometimes faster, are recommended.


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