Get Cosy with Co-Workers: The Benefits of Servcorp Shared Office Space

For some, the notion of running a business without a full-time office seems illogical. For others, it’s a way of life and far preferable to being tied to a single location. It all depends on your perspective and what it is you want to get out of owning a company. If entrepreneurship is about more than just money for you, coworking could be the right way forward.

It’s a sentiment that is growing in popularity, as business owners realise work should be an extension of life, rather than a burden on it. You could have one of the most successful companies in Australia, but if you’ve got no time for yourself, are you really benefiting? With coworking, the focus is on flexibility. It’s about building a business that fits your lifestyle.

This article will explore the benefits of coworking for freelancers, independent contractors, and remote employees. It’s important to pick top rated facilities such as Servcorp’s serviced office space as you’ll have guaranteed access to world-class resources.


The Definition of Coworking

In the simplest terms, coworking refers to the practice of sharing office environments. It is ideal for those who work in isolated or independent positions, as it provides a low-cost alternative to operating from home. The rules are very simple. Tenants get a unique access code or pass card, and they can visit the office as often as required.

All onsite resources are, technically, shared, but there is plenty to go around. They include company phone lines, mailboxes, receptionists, administrative and IT support, as well as access to conference rooms. Coworking spaces are used on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, so there are no long-term contracts. It’s like a gym or a public library. You pay until you don’t want to.

All the Freedom

For freelancers, coworking represents freedom. The lack of rigid contracts means it’s possible to use these offices for brief periods. Most vendors require a down payment for at least one month, but you can leave at any time. Consequently, coworking is a great way to become nomadic and run a business while also travelling the world.

A Proper Work Life

Even if you’re happy to stay grounded and at home in Australia, it doesn’t mean working out of your bedroom is the best option. Remote routines can be highly productive, but some people need a clear divide between their personal and business lives. Getting up and going out to a shared office helps to eliminate distractions like pets, TV, and household chores.

Plenty of Company

The coworking facilities in Australia are designed to be very lively and energetic places. Yes, they’re work environments, but they also encourage collaboration. Loneliness is a common problem for freelancers, so it’s worth considering the value of company. Studies have shown that being around creative personalities has a big impact on productivity.

Forging Strong Bonds

Where there are entrepreneurs and innovators, there are opportunities for partnership. Networking is very important, particularly for small businesses. Word of mouth promotion is a lot cheaper than ad campaigns and viral marketing. Just one chat with the right person can open doors and take your business to new places.

How to Know If Coworking Is Right for You

Entrepreneurs across Australia – in Perth, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne – are benefiting from the flexibility and creativity of coworking spaces. While these facilities won’t suit everybody, they are worth checking out if you run a small business with less than ten employees.

Young companies, for instance, tend to get a lot out of coworking. They might start with two or three co-founders and a very tight budget. Sharing office space gives start-up ventures access to world-class resources, without forcing them to pay for a fulltime lease.


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