Bling Up Your Tech Like A Boss

About ten years ago a little known phone company called Nokia decided they were going to do something unusual. They were going to release a phone made from metal called the Sirocco. If you remember it, which some of us might, it had a sort of burnished metal finish. Compared to the plastic models of its day it certainly looked the part. And although Nokia is no longer known for its market-leading innovation in the mobile phone space, it was in a very real sense, ahead of the times.

Now though, things have moved in the tech world. Aftermarket options are all over the place. We’re not stuck with generic plastics anymore. Now we can really have some fun.

Get Your Phone Gold Plated

Your phone is something that you carry around every day. It’s with you all the time. Yet few people invest in making their phone as stylish as say, their watch. And though phone styling has improved a lot since the early days of mobile phones, the priority is function, not form. If you want to do something special with your phone, and bling it up like a boss, you could get it gold plated. In fact, you can add gold plating pretty much anything. Golf clubs, games consoles, faucets, musical instruments, even the bumper on your car. And gold is an investment too. It’s not like covering your phone in fish roe. (Don’t try it.) Gold’s value will remain, no matter what form it’s in.

Customise Your Desktop

I know the desktop is a little old school. But it’s also the best place to game, do productivity tasks and watch videos, especially if you have a large screen.

If you’re still a desktop lover like I am, don’t let all this talk of the death of the PC stop you from making it your own. Companies now allow you to customise your computer case with unique designs. Get coloured coolant pumping through bespoke cases, or get your favourite print on the case. Many stores now sell modding kits, so if you don’t want to pay premium prices for something bespoke, you can do it yourself.

Make Your Home Audio Part Of The Furniture

If you’ve installed an audio system into your home, you’ll know that it’s often not the most attractive thing in the room. Recently, companies have improved their designs compared to the older black (or even wooden) boxes. But they’re still not exactly what I would call tech bling. The solution? Have a look the ways companies are now building their speakers into what looks like everyday household furniture. One company has put it’s sound system inside a brushed gunmetal pillar. It looks stunning, and still produces incredible sound. I can imagine one of these sitting on a table or a desk, looking even more bling than some other gleaming ornament. After all, this one can actually do something.


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