Get Serious About Your Home Office Equipment

There’s a lot of coverage given to how easy it is to set up a home office. There’s even more given to how to build a professional website. About how important it is to create the right impression. You could be forgiven for thinking that making do and masquerading were chief aspects of the home business and its office.

What happens when you get real enquires and serious orders coming through? It’s no longer enough to work off the dining room table. Your cheap printer may not be up for the job. You don’t want to be wasting time and money trying to get things right at the copy or print shop. You need to upgrade your office equipment to handle enquiries and produce professional documents, plans and artwork.


You reach a point where it is no longer acceptable to run your business from your old pc. Upgrade to a fast, smart computer that will not let you down. Ensure that you are backed up and have a computer support team to rely on. It is not enough to drop your laptop in at the local repair shop. This is especially true if your business relies on good graphics.

Phone lines

You need a separate phone line for your business. You don’t want customers getting a busy signal. Make sure it has the capacity for messaging, conferencing and speaker functions.


Is your printer up to job? Really? Invest in a good quality wireless printer that can handle the capacity you need. Don’t try and get value for money investing in a system that claims it can do everything. Quality will be sacrificed. You’ll want something that can handle professional heavyweight jobs with no loss of quality. Upgrade your paper quality.


The days of taking pictures with your smartphone are over. Get used to working with a professional purpose built camera. You want to be able to upload and use quality images. This is especially true if you are compiling a detailed document for a client that relies on images and professional presentation. Don’t even think about using stock images.


A scanner has become a tool of necessity. As fax slides into obscurity the quality of a good scanner is paramount for your office. If you have more specialised needs, why not invest in a wide format scanner? These will give you the professional results you are currently having to pay for. You’ll have complete control over your work and there’ll be no more delays while you send work out to the print shop.

The office environment

If you are upgrading your equipment then you might need to consider where it is all going. Get rid of clutter and wires, and ensure that your office has a clean and professional look. You’ll need a decent table and desk and space for storage. Look at professional office storage solutions. This can be especially true if you are working with large scale documents. Bring as much natural light as you can into your space. This is going to be great for your colour appreciation. If natural light is lacking, then consider multiple points of light that will show your work up at its best.

There is a certain amount of satisfaction in entering the space of a business that shows that it is ready to produce a professional product. Your clients will appreciate it and your business will benefit.


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