How Old Does Tech Make You Look Like?

Tech Makes You Look Old:

You live in a highly technophile world, whether you like it or not. In fact, given that you are reading this on a digital screen, it’s likely to assume that you are rather familiar with technology. Have you ever considered that your use of tech might be the clue to finding out your social age? Why does it matter, you may ask? The reason is simple, and it has nothing to do with vanity. Your social age is an indication of how able you are to navigate with the technological evolution of the society, from performing simple tasks such as filling up your tax returns to being a productive and useful team member in your workplace.

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In other words, when tech makes you look old, you should take the hint and improve the way you use it before it’s too late. Keeping ahead of the technological evolutions is key to maintaining your social position, your professional career, and business growth too – that is, if you’re at the head of your own business, otherwise you’re in luck as it means it’s one less thing to worry about.

Not Keeping Up To Date With Social Media Trends:

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Everyone uses social media, and most people use several social media platforms at the same time. The way you manage your social profile says a lot about your age in the digital sphere. For a start, let’s review your profile picture, and more exactly, how old it is. Active users, especially on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, change their profile picture several times during the year _ from every 2.5 months to every 6 months. The reason behind this change is that regular users update their profile to keep it relevant. Social media platforms that are less used on a daily basis are less often updated. Now, ask yourself the question: When did you last change your Facebook profile picture? If the answer is last year, it’s likely that you already appear old-fashioned for the digital generation.

When Was Your Last Training?

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If you ignore social media and focus on a professional use of technology, keeping up to date with the latest changes is key. For instance, when was the last time that you had a tech training? If you don’t remember, it’s time to get in touch with Training Connection or any other training facility, and sort out your next training course. You need to keep your skills moving at the same pace than digital technology evolves. Otherwise, you will not be able to deliver profitable and valuable input in your everyday work. Simple things such as keeping on top of SEO changes, web design or MS tools can help you to work better and faster in an everyday context.

What Kind Of Tech Do You Use Every Day?

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If you ignore the professional side of life and focus on your daily routine, the kind of tech gadget you rely on says a lot about how confident you feel about technology. From fitness trackers to smart temperature sensors, technology is designed to make your life easier and smoother. While there is no need to buy every single gadget on the market, you need to move in the direction that society has chosen if you want to continue to feel integrated within your community. In the end, isolation is what awaits you if you reject technology.


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