Using Technology To Enhance Your Creativity

Creativity in Technology:

In a world that is full to the brim with technology that is advancing at a rapid pace, it’s easy to get lost. We are saturated with smartphones, tablets, virtual reality headsets, smart TVs and games consoles that are ever-changing. So much so, we queue for hours overnight for the latest game and advance so we can play until we can’t anymore. On the whole, we humans love technology. The world has changed irreversibly as we rely more and more on the technological advances before us, and it’s not just based on entertainment. Every appliance you use that comes with ‘smart’ technology is an advance on the appliances of the past. These advances have changed the big things, like medicine and education, as well as the smaller things like the kettle in your kitchen.

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The internet improves our lives every day. The instant access to information, as well as the many platforms to build websites and fund businesses independently, are just some of the best things about the internet. Add to it the fact that we are able to learn so much from it, and you have a community of people with a growing interest in careers in technology and digital. These careers are on the up. We have such a breadth of information right in front of our eyes, meaning that we are more creative, more innovative and we can build on those qualities easily. The connectivity that we now have available to us on so many platforms has allowed creative individuals to come together and work on their ideas in a global way. Wherever you are in the world, you can ‘meet’ like-minded professionals who share your passion – this wasn’t possible previously.

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Creativity isn’t just about painting the newest watercolour, or moulding a pot out of clay. You can be creative in technology without flourishing a paintbrush. Building a website with CSS and programming skills are just as artistic, creative and polished as a Da Vinci masterpiece. Creativity is key to business success and when you think about it, it derives from the artistry of those who like to know how things work and problem solve. People now are taking advantage of the careers in the digital field and even branching into gaming. Someone who was rubbish at art and music in school may love graphic design, which is a different type of art. Add this to a love of computing, and you have a future games developer on your hands. The creativity that created Dragonlance Legends, for example, wasn’t thought up by someone who had no interest in digital technologies, but by someone who loved interactive gaming and was intrigued by how a game so intricate is created. There is a place for creativity in technology and the digital world, and if you can recognise where your creativity fits within it, then your dream career can rocket.

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There is a flipside, however, in that there are those out there who believe that technology dampens creativity rather than enhances it. It’s all fine to put pen to paper and write a novel, or draw a comic book, but this doesn’t happen in the same way anymore. Children are discovering how they can interact with games and technology and they are bringing their imaginations to the digital world. The next steps in technology are going to see advances with virtual reality and augmented reality and these are all created out of an idea someone has had to bring something magical to the world. Graphics, animation, music production and even video editing are all creative outlets that are far more sophisticated forms of art that have never been around until the last decade. Technology has allowed so many people of all ages to express themselves in a way they previously couldn’t, and the continued evolution in the field has meant more and more companies are tuning into using the digital world to put their products across.

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What is important is that technology has created opportunities that were not there before. So many courses, degrees and careers are geared toward digital media development and website creation. Without the internet and the progression of technology, these wouldn’t be possible. These jobs literally feed the creativity of those who are looking for a way to express themselves and earn money for it. You only have to look at the statistics for employment to understand how many jobs in technology are creative, and with the improvement of software year in year out, this will only rise.


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