Tired Of Always Splashing Your Cash On New Tech?

Tips for Stop spending all your cash on tech:

There was a time, in the early days of car manufacturing, when people were encouraged to buy a new car every year. That would seem unthinkable today, yet many of us follow the same practice: we need and upgrade laptops, mobiles, and other technology much sooner than we would like. A fraction is based on a desire to have the latest goods, but much more is based on our tech’s underwhelming performance. Our tech ceases to work as it used to, and we’re forced to “upgrade.” No more: here are four tips to help you stop spending all your cash on tech.

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Take Care Of It:

Hey now, you can’t place all of the blame on the manufacturer of your product. Sometimes it’s down to how you treat it in the first place. If your phone is repeatedly used, abused, and put through trials that push its capabilities, then there’s every chance it won’t last the distance. Instead, take care of your product. Don’t throw it in the corner when you’re not using it: but it somewhere safe. Think of it as a larger version of headphones, which last much longer when they’re well-taken care of.

Lookup TLC:

Your technology won’t run on autopilot all the time. You’ll need to make a conscious effort to ensure it has all the latest software, that you’re following the best practices (such as turning it off when not in use, etc.), and so on. There are some general tips to keep your tech to a good standard, but each piece of kit will also have its requirements, so make sure you’re checking out the product website regularly.

Don’t Assume Faults Are Permanent:

Of all the reasons people are forced to buy a new phone, laptop, or whatever, is that the item is faulty or simply “no longer working.” When this happens, the item usually ends up in a drawer, gathering dust, with no resale income to speak of. This is wrong, however, because most items can be salvaged, and usually pretty quickly. If your item has a problem, take a look at rapifix.com, and see if they can fix it. There’s no point in replacing a “broken phone” if there’s nothing permanently wrong with it!


You don’t have to stay committed to your phone or laptop forever. If you want an upgrade, you can get one, but you should do it sensibly. Don’t run your tech into the ground before trying to sell it: sell when it’s still hot property, and you can get a decent amount of money for it. When you buy your new product, you’ll still have a bit to pay, but most of the cost will be absorbed by the sale of your other item. It’s a good way to get the latest tech without always having a big credit card bill at the end of the month.

Having Said That:

One final note: don’t expect your tech to last forever, especially if it was bought cheaply. You usually get what you pay for!


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